EI-5 Ethane Identifier

The EI-5 Ethane Identifier is a portable combustible gas analyzer designed specifically for professionals in the gas industry and environmental protection sectors. It serves as a crucial tool for technicians and engineers working with gas detection and environmental monitoring.

Ethane Detection

  • The EI-5 Ethane Identifier is engineered to differentiate between gas distributed by utilities and naturally occurring gas found in the ground or subsurface structures.
  • Ethane, a significant component of distributed natural gas, acts as a tracer to distinguish it from naturally occurring gases like marsh, soil, landfill, and sewer gas.
  • The device can detect and separate ethane content in natural gas samples, even in concentrations as low as 20 ppm, offering quick and accurate indications in the field.

Technical Features

  • The EI-5 is ruggedly constructed for field applications, with relatively unaffected performance under various ambient temperature conditions.
  • It combines semiconductor and chromatographic technology in a single package, offering a sensitive instrument capable of detecting ethane in natural gas samples containing as little as 2% ethane by volume.
  • Key features include quick detection within 2 minutes, a graphical color display, data logging with export capabilities, lightweight and handheld design, and a built-in pump for convenient operation.

Ordering Details

  • The EI-5 Ethane Identifier comes with various accessories and ordering options, including different probe types, valve assembly, sensors, tubing, and filters, catering to specific user requirements.
  • Specifications such as weight, dimensions, sensitivity, power supply, operational time, output type, sample rate, and sample system are provided to assist users in making informed purchasing decisions.

Hetek Solution Inc. provides a convenient solution for gas industry experts and environmental protection professionals. Our EI-5 Ethane Detector simplifies the detection of ethane in natural gas samples, helps differentiate between distributed and naturally occurring gases, and enables easy and accurate on-site analysis.

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