Repair, Service, and Calibration

All instruments purchased through Hetek are supported by our service and repair team located throughout Canada. Hetek operates two repair and service labs in London, ON and Edmonton, AB; as well as six mobile calibration and repair vehicles located in Quebec, Ontario, and Alberta.

Repair Service

Hetek products are monitored through our proprietary Field Work Order system, which allows us to track all warranty work, repairs, and service that we do on our customers’ instruments. These records can be provided at any time for review or to conduct life cycle cost analysis on instrument fleets.

Our trained Cal Check technicians are available to attend our customers’ location to service and calibrate all equipment sold by Hetek as well as a number of other brands of instrumentation.

Our Cal Check technicians provide a wide variety of services including:

  • Service and calibration of portable gas detection instruments;
  • Service and calibration of fixed gas detection systems;
  • Service and calibration of a number of water efficiency instruments and water treatment systems;
  • Fugitive Emission Testing;
  • Pipe and Cable Locating;
  • Building inspections for gas leaks;

To discuss our services or to arrange an appointment, please contact:

Stephanie Irvine
(226) 271-2216.



Hetek provides onsite commissioning and training for all its water treatment equipment and works closely with municipalities to assist them with their water loss management initiatives through offering direct sales, leases, and field services through Managed Service Agreements.


Hetek provides a variety of inspection services for natural gas distribution infrastructure, mid-stream and upstream pipelines and gathering systems, stationary facility monitoring, land fill gas emission monitoring, situational rapid response detection and other non-pipeline related opportunities.


Hetek’s Training and Consulting division provides a wide variety of services including:

  • Training on the use of instruments sold by Hetek;
  • Operator Certification programs for instruments sold by Hetek;
  • Confined Space Entry Training and Certification,
  • Fugitive Emission Testing;
  • Health and Safety Management and Documentation, and
  • Water Treatment Plant Operator Courses.