Water and Gas Repair Service and Calibration

Service and Repair Throughout Canada

All instruments purchased through Hetek are supported by Cal Check water and gas instrument repair service and calibration in Canada. Hetek operates three repair and service labs in London, ON, St. John’s, NL, and Edmonton, AB; as well as eight mobile calibration and repair vehicles located in Newfoundland and Labrador, Quebec, Ontario, and Alberta.

Hetek products are monitored through our proprietary Field Work Order system, which allows us to track all warranty work, repairs, and service that we do on our customers’ instruments. These records can be provided at any time for review or to conduct life cycle cost analysis on instrument fleets.

Our trained Cal Check technicians are available to attend our customers’ location to service and calibrate all equipment sold by Hetek as well as a number of other brands of instrumentation.

Repair Service
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Cal Check Technicians Services

Our Cal Check technicians provide a wide variety of services including:

Calibration Service and Maintenance of Portable Gas Detection Instruments:

Ensuring the accuracy and reliability of portable gas detection instruments is paramount. At Hetek, we pride ourselves on offering a comprehensive calibration service that upholds the precision of these instruments. With our dedicated service and repair team located throughout Canada, we ensure that every instrument, whether purchased through Hetek or other brands, receives top-tier maintenance. Our proprietary Field Work Order system meticulously tracks all warranty work, repairs, and services, offering transparency and peace of mind to our customers.

Service and Calibration of Fixed Gas Detection Systems:

Fixed gas detection systems play a pivotal role in safeguarding environments from potential hazards. Recognizing their importance, Hetek’s specialized calibration service ensures these systems consistently deliver peak performance. With service labs in London, ON, and Edmonton, AB, complemented by our fleet of mobile calibration and repair vehicles, we guarantee timely and efficient service across Canada.

Calibration Service for Water Efficiency Instruments and Treatment Systems:

Water management is integral to sustainability. Hetek’s calibration service for water efficiency instruments and treatment systems ensures they operate with utmost precision. By regularly calibrating and maintaining these instruments, we help industries and municipalities optimize their water usage, contributing to a more sustainable future.

Fugitive Emission Testing and Monitoring:

Environmental responsibility is at the heart of modern industries. Hetek’s fugitive emission testing services are designed to identify and quantify emissions that might escape traditional capture systems. By providing accurate data, we assist industries in meeting environmental standards, ensuring a reduced ecological footprint.

Pipe and Cable Locating Services:

The underground world is intricate, with numerous utilities crisscrossing beneath our feet. Hetek’s advanced pipe and cable locating services ensure that these utilities are accurately mapped out, preventing potential damages during excavation or construction activities. Our state-of-the-art technology and experienced technicians ensure that every project proceeds with full knowledge of what lies beneath.

Building Inspections for Gas Leaks and Safety:

Safety is non-negotiable. Hetek’s building inspection services are meticulously designed to detect any gas leaks, ensuring the safety and well-being of building occupants. With our advanced detection methods and a keen eye for detail, we offer comprehensive assessments, allowing for timely interventions and peace of mind.

Hetek’s dedication to excellence is evident in its diverse range of services. From gas detection to water loss management, we provide holistic solutions tailored to the unique needs of our clients. With a strong emphasis on safety, accuracy, and customer satisfaction, Hetek remains a trusted partner for businesses and municipalities water and gas instrument repair service and calibration across Canada.

    To discuss our services or to arrange an appointment, please contact:

    Stephanie Irvine
    (226) 271-2216.


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    Hetek’s Service and Repair Team provides superior support for your portable gas detection and personal monitoring instruments, fixed gas detection instruments, water leak detection instruments, and many other instruments requiring regular calibration and service. Our Repair and Service Labs are in London, ON, or Edmonton, AB and our CalCheck vehicles offering mobile repair and calibration services, service our customers at their sites throughout Canada.


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    We support Municipalities Water Loss initiatives with individualized solutions, including but not limited to field services, CEU eligible training, and leasing of products.


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    Our inspection services include but are not limited to:

    • Fugitive emissions testing
    • Situational rapid response detection
    • Landfill gas emission monitoring
    • Stationary facility monitoring
    • Natural gas distribution infrastructure
    • Mid-stream and Upstream pipelines and gathering systems


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    Our Training and Consulting department has an experienced and dedicated team that will provide a memorable learning experience. Some of the training includes:

    • Water Loss Management course that provides .6 CEUs
    • Training on instruments purchased from Hetek
    • Operator certification programs for instruments purchased from Hetek