Eye-C-Gas 2.0 (VOC)

EyeCGas 2.0 is the world’s most sensitive and durable handheld OGI camera. Detecting over 400 VOCs, Methane and CO2. EyeCGas
2.0 is Intrinsically Safe and complies with the EPA’s “Quad Oa” (OOOOa) regulations.

Using its wide range of features and functionalities, it enables surveyors to scan large areas quickly, efficiently and identify gas
leaks while staying safe. Allowing for quick repairs and reducing revenue loss.

Intrinsically Safe – The most durable OGI camera by design. Water and dust protected IP65. Intrinsically safe, ATEX Zone2, IECEx, ANSI/ISA
Class I, Div.2, CSA C22.2 Class I, Div. 2.

3RD Party Analyzers & LDAR software Integration

Connects to 3rd party analyzers (TVA 2020, RMLD, PHX42 and more). Display data on the camera screen in real-time and store video files.
Integrate your existing LDAR software (Guideware, CNTRL, Chateau, and more) for easy reporting.

Glare Shield – Enhances the image by x3 and avoids sun glare.

Higher Sensitivity – NEDT <10mK with proprietary image processing algorithm detecting 0.35g/hr (Methane). Certified to meet EPA OO0Oa requirements.

EyeCSite QOGI – Quantify Methane and other VOCs in a simple and user-friendly interface, while seamlessly creating a report at the end of each inspection.

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