EyeCSite® Quantification & Alert Software

EyeCSite is the industry leading software, offering a wide range of functionalities that detects, alert and quantify gas leaks for Opgal’s EyeCGas® 2.0 , EyeCGas® Mini and EyeCGas® 24/7 Solutions. EyeCSite can detects and quantify all VOC’s (including Methane, Benzene) in a very simplified and user friendly interface. It will rapidly increase the surveyors efficiency and allow them to safely reach areas from a variety of distances.

For 24/7 fixed monitoring it is the only software which enables full customization and 3rd party integration.

Real Time Alerts – Real time indicator using alarms and visual signal alerts.

Safe & Rugged – Available in both certified and non certified for Hazardous Locations.

Portable & Fixed – EyeCSite offers solutions for both portable OGI cameras and fixed OGI solutions.

Real Time & Off Line Quantification – Quantify the flow rate of the gas leak both in real time or using the camera recordings.

Intelligent Thermography – Automatically locate the hottest and coldest point in the region of interest.

Multiple Cameras View – EyeCSite Software can be used to  display multiple cameras in one window display.

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