Water Loss Management Services


Hetek provides the following as part of its water management services designed on the requirements of water utilities, municipalities, First Nations, engineering feasibility studies, private watermains and private water services across Canada:


Proactive Acoustic Watermain Leak Testing

Our proactive acoustic watermain leak testing services are essential for water loss management, ensuring that the integrity of your water supply meets the high standards for reliability demanded by Customers. Through our advanced detection services, water loss management becomes a tangible reality, contributing to the sustainability of resources. By integrating this service into your management programs, you are making a cost-effective investment toward maintaining reliability of your water distribution network.

Correlation and Pinpointing Services for Monitoring Water Quality

Our correlation and pinpointing services are designed for pinpointing water leaks., Our technicians perform these activities during periods of low flow in order to identify areas of interest and pinpoint suspected leaks. Proactive water loss management helps municipalities manage resources more effectively. H2: Hydrant and Service Valve Sounding for Water Quality Monitoring Services

Our hydrant and service valve sounding is a pivotal component of our water quality monitoring services. By capturing and analyzing sound data, we offer a detailed assessment that aids in the overall management of water loss.

Assisting with the Development of Acoustic Sensor Deployment Plans

We assist utilities with the development of acoustic sensor deployment plans as part of comprehensive water loss management programs. These programs are non-intrusive to ensure that the local environment and pipeline is protected while providing cost-effective solutions for water resource management.

Acoustic Loggers for Detection Services Water Loss Management

Our installation, data management, and support services for acoustic loggers are integral to proactive water loss management. H2: Equipment Operation Training, Data Analysis Support, and Providing Recommendations for Water Loss Management

Offering certified equipment operatorr training and data analysis support is a crucial aspect of our water loss management services. These services are tailored to help utilities understand and improve their water distribution network and manage water loss proactively.

Survey Areas for Water Loss Management Services

Our survey capabilities are extensive, reflecting the diverse needs of water loss management services across various regions. From local municipalities to broader provincial projects, our r commitment to integrating advanced technology with local expertise offers a solution that can adapt and grow with your community’s needs.

Factory Certified, In-House Service Staff for Water Quality Monitoring Services

Our factory-certified, in-house service staff are experts in providing water quality monitoring services that uphold strict safety and regulatory standards. Through regular maintenance and calibration of our equipment, we ensure that your water loss management programs receive the high-quality support needed to protect both the local environment and the property of those within the province.

Comprehensive Deliverables for Water Loss Management

We provide detailed deliverables as part of our water loss management services. Our offerings include detailed work plans, regulator project management updates including performance to plan, quality assurance audits, near real time reporting, and a comprehensive engineer stamped end of project report.. These deliverables are a testament to our investment in research and technology for water management services, aiming to help you meet the demands of a growing population and the challenges of maintaining the integrity of your water distriubtion system..

Trust Hetek for Water Management Services in Canada, ensuring excellence in water loss management for utilities and municipalities nationwide. Embrace a future of sustainability and compliance, contact Hetek today and elevate your water management strategy.


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Hetek’s Service and Repair Team provides superior support for your portable gas detection and personal monitoring instruments, fixed gas detection instruments, water leak detection instruments, and many other instruments requiring regular calibration and service. Our Repair and Service Labs are in London, ON, or Edmonton, AB and our CalCheck vehicles offering mobile repair and calibration services, service our customers at their sites throughout Canada.


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We support Municipalities Water Loss initiatives with individualized solutions, including but not limited to field services, CEU eligible training, and leasing of products.


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Our inspection services include but are not limited to:

  • Fugitive emissions testing
  • Situational rapid response detection
  • Landfill gas emission monitoring
  • Stationary facility monitoring
  • Natural gas distribution infrastructure
  • Mid-stream and Upstream pipelines and gathering systems


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Our Training and Consulting department has an experienced and dedicated team that will provide a memorable learning experience. Some of the training includes:

  • Water Loss Management course that provides .6 CEUs
  • Training on instruments purchased from Hetek
  • Operator certification programs for instruments purchased from Hetek