Bio –Plants with Tertiary Treatment

Type: “UltraClear BioPlant”TM

Water is the main element of life on earth therefore it should not be wasted, DEVISE ENGINEERING offers a fully automated bio-plant with an innovative  technology  that successfully combines the MBBR-IFAS and sMBR advanced processes thus producing a reliable and efficient system that will revolutionise the recovery and reuse of wastewater.

The “UltraClear BioPlant” exhibits all the benefits of Ultra-Filtration process (excellent solids separation) and the effectiveness and compactness of MBBR process without the disadvantages of conventional MBR systems (high energy consumption).  The DEVISE “UltraClear-BioPlant” TM   are produced in compact units of the ISO container dimensions for easy shipment and deployment and are suitable for decentralised treatment facilities around the world seeking to reuse the treated wastewater.  Also, the DEVISE “UltraClear-BioPlant” technique can be used for bigger capacity installations where the biological reactors can be built locally in concrete or modular steel and the Membrane Operating System (MOS) can be of packaged form thus offering al benefits of this design and know-how.

Besides the standard systems, customized solutions are also possible.

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