The ThermApp thermal imaging camera measures the skin temperature of individuals using thermal imaging technology. People exhibiting elevated skin temperatures, which may indicate a fever, could then be isolated for further evaluation to determine the cause. Such procedures may help minimize the spread of the Corona Virus outbreak.

This product is not a diagnostic tool. It cannot detect if an individual is sick – only if he or she has elevated body temperature.

Product Features

  • Unlimited Hotspot Detection & Tracking: Scans multiple faces at once, with no distraction by other heat sources and no crowd interference.
  • Advanced Deep Learning Algorithm: Real-time base temperature auto-adjustment to compensate for localized climate change.
  • Linux-Based Solution: Includes a Smart Edge Device. SDK provided upon request.
  • Stand Alone Solution: No additional calibration equipment required.
  • Remote Sensor: No crowd flow interference.
  • Quick Hotspot Detection: Less than 0.3 seconds
  • Up to 20 simultaneous scans: With advanced facial detection algorithm
  • Audio & Visual Alert: Blinking suspect image & alarm.

Product Brochure