The vLocPro2 builds on the functions of the first vLocPro for improved locating efficiency.

  • Carbon-reinforced plastic housing
  • class IP 54 for use in any weather conditions Colour display
  • High-speed processor
  • Several location modes with orientation using a compass A large number of available frequencies
  • Depth/amperage at the press of a button or sustained Normal and modulated audio modes (separately selectable for the operating modes “current”, “radio” and “active”)
  • Signal direction for improved reliability in locating Optional “time-off” function
  • Rechargeable and alkaline batteries
  • Optional accessories

5 Watt Transmitter – The vLoc-5STx transmitter has broadband induction and multiple direct-connect frequencies ranging from 512Hz to 200kHz. Additional features of SD (Signal Direction), fault find and multi-frequency transmit modes are included.  This transmitter comes in a soft carry bag with connection leads and ground stake. vLocPro-Brochure.pdf

Product Brochure