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The hydrophone PAM HYDRO-2 is designed to listen for leaks through the water column of a pipe section. New sensor technology enables the operator to cover greater distances and diameters on HDPE, PVC, AC and metal pipes. Offered as a pair, this set of hydrophones can only be used with our correlators HL6000X-1; HL6000X-2; HL6000X-3 and HL6000X-PC.

This PAM Hydro-2 is highly sensitive – especially in the lower frequency band (<300Hz). This is most important while listening through water and for longer distances to cover.

In order to use hydrophones, hydrants and house service connections are the most common access points. The handling is simple and allows a quick set up. A ball valve at the end of the air release hose makes an air free operation safe and comfortable. The bayonet quick connector can also be used to attach a pressure gauge.

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