Leak Spy


Digital AMR/ AMI – Noise Logger

Noise Logger – Piezzo sensor with active amplifier

Interface to AMR/ AMI Transmitter – Standard, 3 wired, serial AMR interface and plug

Communication Protocol – Standard, 6 digit AMR protocol

Listening Bandwidth in Hz – 2 – 2,500Hz (Important on plastic and metal pipes)

Listening Max. Amplitude (dynamic) – 60dB

Cable – 10ft standard – male end – no pins

Power Supply – Internal batteries – replaceable

Battery Life – Up to 8 years

Protection Class – IP68 (Waterproof)

Operating Temperature – -4°F to 140°F (-20°C to +60°C)

Storage Temperature – -13°F to 158°F (-25°C to +70°C)

Dimensions – 5.5 x 1.7 (dia.)inches (14 x 4.3cm)

Weight – 15.5oz (440gram)

Mounting Type – Magnet 48lbs (22kg) or clip

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