XAM 7000


Hetek’s combustible gas indicators are ideal for the continuous monitoring of up to five gases.

Instruments can be customized with a choice of over twenty five different sensors enabling the detection of more than one hundred gases and vapors. Sensor types range from electrochemical, catalytic bead, infrared, and photo ionization. Instruments are designed with integrated pumps that allow samples to be drawn from long distances. Pumps are continuously monitored with low flow alarms being activated if the instrument is not receiving a sufficient sample.

Instruments are designed for use in the most rugged environments and are at minimum IP57 rated for dust protection and protection from immersion in water and include both visual and audible alarms. Additionally instruments are available with bump and calibration stations.

Data logging is available on all instruments and Hetek will work with customers to customize a data management plan to ensure proper record keeping and transparency of data for audit and regulatory purposes.

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