Remote Methane Leak Detector


The Remote Methane Leak Detector can quickly and efficiently detect leaks up to one hundred feet away and with its Intrinsic Safety rating the RMLD-IS opens up a whole new realm of survey applications such as:

  • Offshore Platforms
  • Plant and Industrial Inspections
  • Compressor Stations
  • Production Facilities – gas gathering, drilling sites etc.
  • LNG Ship Inspections
  • First Responders for Leak Investigation
  • First Responders to Odor Complaints
  • Plant Inspections

The RMLD uses laser technology to safely remotely detect survey areas that may be difficult to reach, such as those listed above in addition to busy roadways, yards with large dogs, locked gates, pipe suspended under a bridge and other hard to access places. In the independent validation tests, the RMLD has proven to be a highly effective leak survey instrument, compared to flame ionization and similar equipment, but with the added advantage of remote detection. By design the RMLD is capable of achieving significant productivity gains and drastically reduce operations and maintenance costs.

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