GT Series

Designed for the gas industry, the GT Series are multi-application instruments, satisfying all the needs of service technicians within a single unit.  With 7 modes of operation, the GT Series is the most versatile instrument available for working with gas.

Key Operations

Designed to cater to a broad range of tasks, the GT Series excels in:

    • Leak Test: For accurate and quick detection of gas leaks.
    • Confined Space Entry: Essential for safe entry into restricted spaces.
    • Barhole Testing: Critical for underground gas safety assessments.
    • Carbon Monoxide Detection: Vital for monitoring this dangerous gas.
    • Purge: To ensure the removal of hazardous gases from a space.
    • Sniffer: For detecting trace gas levels.
    • Pressure Leak Tightness: To check the integrity of gas systems.

Advanced Features

The GT Series is packed with features that enhance its functionality in the field:

      • Leak detection across a range from PPM to volume gas.
      • An inclusive pressure range, accommodating various operational needs.
      • An integral flashlight, aiding visibility in low-light conditions.

Technical Specifications

The GT Series is designed to withstand the rigors of field use, featuring:

      • A durable construction, suitable for challenging environments.
      • A user-friendly interface, facilitating ease of use for professionals.
      • Comprehensive data logging capabilities for accurate record-keeping.

Calibration and Maintenance

Efficient and straightforward calibration is key, with features such as:

      • A Test & Calibration Station, simplifying routine maintenance.
      • FlexiCal Plus software, enhancing instrument management and accuracy.

Customization and Accessories

Adapt the GT Series to your specific requirements with various options:

      • A range of probes and filters for different operational contexts.
      • Customizable software packages to match unique working environments.

Compliance and Certification

The GT Series commitment to quality is evident in its certifications:

      • ISO 9001 certification, ensuring ongoing quality and reliability.
      • Compliance with international safety standards like UL, CSA, ATEX, and IECEx.

Product Brochure

Hetek Solutions is committed to excellence in the gas industry, and the GT Series is a prime example of this dedication. Engineered for precision and reliability, the GT Series meets the specific needs of any professional in the gas industry. Contact us to learn more.